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Working from Home

Beautiful design-led desks for home offices

Size, shape and design, as well as functionality are important considerations. For some, a small desk with a narrow desktop is all that’s needed, while others require a large desktop surface to accommodate plans and lots of paperwork.

The design, look and feel of a desk takes on a new level of importance when in the home environment. Invest in one of our beautiful design-led pieces if you don’t want to recreate the functional office look.

If you’re looking for a contemporary desk for your home office, we believe that we offer the best range of standing desks with solid wood, reclaimed timber, bamboo and birch plywood desktops on the market, so look no further!

Whatever space you have – whether its a computer desk with multiple, screens in large office or a small desk that takes up less space, we’ve got it covered. Handmade by craftsmen in the UK means we can offer a made-to-order and custom design service. Top quality materials are used to withstand heavy, daily use so that your desk remains a stylish piece of furniture that you can be proud of.

Versatile and Adaptable Desk

As well as providing a stunning surface on which to work, our range of tops bring a new dimension of flexibility and versatility to your home environment. Being used as a desk one minute and a dinning table the next, the adaptability of solid wood and bamboo in the home, makes our desks stand out from the crowd. Perfect for users of all abilities and ages – including school study, pattern cutting and home crafts as well as a computer desk for working at home.

In addition to being useful and practical, a home office desk should look great too. From a large statement piece or small wooden desk to a sleek white worksurface, we are sure you will find something to suit your style and budget

Working from Home

Best standing desks for your home office

As flexible working increases, more and more of us are happily working from home – which means finding the right desk for your home office is paramount. Striking a balance between style and function can be a challenge. Creating a space that allows you to work efficiently and comfortably and that inspires you too, is our aim.

Surroundings heavily influence workplace efficiency, and this applies as much to choosing a desk for your home office as it does a large company refurbishing their corporate space. 

Why should you choose a standing desk for your home office?

Not surprisingly sitting for long periods is not good for us, and doing it for more than eight hours a day can increase the risk of some chronic issues. Standing all day isn’t the answer either but having a desk that can be adjusted to offer the perfect ergonomic set-up whether you’re sitting, standing or anywhere in between is as good as it gets. Adjustable standing desks not only help reduce time spent sitting, they seem to boost performance and improve postural discomfort and pain.

Space for your home office desk

Whether you’re lucky enough to have some dedicated office space at home or need to create a work area in the corner of a living room/ bedroom, choosing the right style of desk to suit your needs and environment is key to successful homeworking.

Take a look at our range of desks for your home office via the shop link below.  If you’re looking for something specific, would like more information, help choosing a desk or to discuss the design of your office space, we’d love to hear from you.

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We offer the best selection of hand crafted solid wood, reclaimed timber and laminate tops for height adjustable standing desks in the UK.

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