Smart Home Office Technology

Make smart home working, work for you

Incorporating some ‘smart tech’ into the home (particularly the home office) can help both your overall health and wellbeing, with the additional benefits of having increased security and improved safety. 

Together, Flomotion and our partners Customised bring you the latest in new smart home office technology that will work flawlessly to compliment your individual needs. 

Smart Home Office

More and more businesses are embracing ‘home working’ while also encouraging employees to look after their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

By adopting smart home technology, we can do both.

With the gradual rise in home working from 5.7% of those employed, who reported working form home in Jan/Feb 2020 the number grew to 36.5% in June 2020, due in large part to (COVID-19). (WISERD Report)

Smart home technology improvements can help create home office environments that are better suited to our needs. By making small changes, we can improve our productivity, have a positive impact on our wellbeing, and live overall happier lives.

 As well as having a positive impact on our working lives, the right smart home tech can also contribute to increased security and safety. Peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

The future is here

Embrace smart home technology to make your home office smarter, but it uses energy efficiently and increases productivity, so that you feel comfortable and in control.

Let the Light In

Let the light in

Working in poor or inadequate lighting can have a detrimental impact on mental health, as well as our eyesight. This can contribute to conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Light intake is inextricably linked with how we sleep and feel.

By ensuring that your home office is lit correctly, you’re not only making sure that you can do the tasks required, but you’re taking care of your wellbeing too. Using appropriate and efficient lighting in our workspaces has a positive impact on productivity and motivation. Research by the Light Right Consortium found that controllable desk lighting, and the ability to decide what type of lighting to use, increased both motivation and accuracy.

4G superfast broadband

Most people’s internet connection simply wasn’t designed for the demands of working from home and home broadband can struggle to keep up. The good news is that there are now multiple solutions, and finding what works for you can be relatively straightforward

By investing in the right technology, you can banish Wi-Fi headaches to the past! If you’re suffering from slow speeds, the team at Customised can install 4G technology into your home so that you can access fibre-like speeds of up to 90Mbps. If patchy Wi-Fi is your issue, they can provide a system that will work throughout your home and garden. They will always find the best solution for your individual situation.

Make Smart Tech Work

Make smart tech work for you

Incorporating clear sound and vision into your home office reduces the frustration, stress and anxiety brought on by using slow, outdated equipment. For example, a smart TV in your office space can improve how your business communicates, mirroring your computer or phone so that virtual presentations and video calls are viewed via a big screen.

A smart TV is also great way to bring health and wellbeing, yoga, fitness and mindfulness apps and videos into your home office environment. With a Sonos system installed by Customised, you can even control sound throughout your home and listen uninterrupted.

Keeping fit and healthy while working from home, with regular breaks and by keeping active will have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health.

Security and safety

Keeping the home and office space secure is always a priority, and installing some smart technology can help with this. If there’s a problem at home, smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can send alerts to your phone, even if you’re away from the property.

Video doorbells and security cameras are a useful way to see who’s on your doorstep without you having to open the door. With a ‘Nest Hello’ doorbell installed by Customised, you can find out who’s at the door and let them know you’re watching. You can increase overall property security with a notification to your phone when motion and sound are detected, or whenever someone rings the bell. Making your property secure has never been simpler.

Security and Safety

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