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FREE desk drawer with all Sisu Solid Wood Desks worth £132 (view offer)

FREE drawer with all
Sisu Solid Wood Desks
worth £132 (view offer)


Our Story – Flomotion Studio


“We believe the single biggest improvement you can make to your work routine is to sit less, and move more.”

Serendipity. After months of research to find a solution to my work-induced back pain, sciatica, poor posture and fatigue, the answer appeared right in front of me. 

My daughter needed a final project for her A-level in Product Design, so we agreed that she would design a bespoke ‘sit-stand desk’. I became her client, and the finished sit-stand desk, using Linak components, was our working prototype, as shown in the photographs above. This creative collaboration completely transformed the way that I started to work – after almost 35 years of sedentary office work! 

With an adjustable sit-stand desk and an ergonomic chair, I soon started to feel the benefits of moving more.

We were inspired to help others, and began to develop our own ideas for ‘active working’. Scandinavia is the market leader in sit-stand working, so we decided to source Flomotion’s future product line there. Before launching our business, we spent time testing, trialling and refining our approach to sit-stand furniture, to see which products work in different situations.

Over time we found out exactly what works and what really makes the difference – in our on-going battle against a sitting culture, inactivity and sedentary working!

Our Story

Sit, Stand, Move

Flomotion design and furnish spaces for active working. From sit-stand desks to creating the environment that greets you each morning – we change how you experience work. Our 40-2 guide is a philosophy designed to show you how to get the best out of sit-stand active working. Our purpose – A MOVEment for change!

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Why Flomotion Studio?

Sit, Stand, Move

Our ambition is to bring physical and emotional wellness to the workplace. Active working is a flexible, dynamic way of working with the ultimate aim of bringing more energy, increased productivity and improved posture. This holistic approach covers - taking regular breaks, more movement, deeper breathing, growing our awareness through mindfulness and meditation, better hydration and techniques on how to sit, perch and stand well in a relaxed neutral posture. Long term health and wellbeing is the ultimate goal.

Solid Wood Desktops

We offer the UK's best selection of standing desks with top quality handcrafted solid wood desktops. Our stylish and contemporary Sisu range of sit-stand desks feature the world-renowned Danish made actuation system by LINAK. The Skyflo frame has a lift capacity of 160kg which is one of the heftiest on the market. An award-winning intuitive height control panel with bluetooth connectivity and automatic drive options provide you with everything you need to transform your workplace into a stimulating workspace. Especially if you’re now working from home.

Workspace Design

One priority we value above all others is our dedication to the customer experience and journey, referrals and repeat business is a testament to this. Because you always speak to the owners our personal touch means we have the patience to answer all your questions and offer advice, because we have an intimate knowledge of our products. Understanding your needs, wants and motivations is a good starting point. This means you should have a positive, stress free, enjoyable and hassle free experience, this is the promise we make to our customers.

Bringing it all together

We now offer an interior biophillic design service, using these design principles we connect with all of your senses, fundamentally improving our relationship with our surroundings and with ourselves. The focus of your workspace is your sit-stand desk. We begin here and slowly move outwards, making changes to every detail contained within the four walls of your environment. We create creative, agile spaces that can be tailored to the task in hand. Our latest addition to this is incorporating smart home tech throughout the home office.

Happy Flomotion customers and reviews

We strive for extra happy (and healthy) customers who are bowled over not only by our products and service but also our continued service and support in helping them make the most of active working.

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