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1701, 2022

9 Reasons Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are The Right Choice

January 17, 2022|Health|

If you're the average person with an office-based job, your desk chair will be one of the essential pieces of furniture (after your sit-stand desk). Again on average, you will spend 90,000 hours at work over your lifetime, spending more time sitting than you do sleeping. Yet, you probably [...]

2007, 2021

Top 5 solid wood sit stand desks for 2021

July 20, 2021|Home Working, Office Working|

As standing desks increase in popularity for both office and home working, so does the demand for a wider choice of desktop materials. Here at Flomotion we specialise in standing desks with premium solid wood desktops, offering our customers the best selection of unique, long lasting, height adjustable furniture [...]

804, 2020

If you’re now working from home

April 8, 2020|Home Working|

If you're now working from home, don't panic buy your new office furniture Over 50% of our customers work from home. When it comes to active office furniture, sit-stand desks & ergonomic seating are our speciality, but  in this present climate we would urge some caution! Any buying decisions [...]