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FREE desk drawer with all Sisu Solid Wood Desks worth £132 (view offer)

FREE drawer with all
Sisu Solid Wood Desks
worth £132 (view offer)


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107, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to a Functional Ergonomic Office

July 1, 2022|Health|

Whether you’re working from home full time or would like to spread your wings into the world of ergonomics in your office, Flomotion Studio are experts in active working and making sure your workspace is built for you. Office ergonomics are important for workers as they can help [...]

2201, 2022

10 Benefits of Working at a Sit-Stand Desk

January 22, 2022|Health|

With a rise in working from home, many workers and employers have become well aware of the importance of correct office equipment and well-being at work. The benefits of moving more whilst working are often discussed and highlighted, but can a desk really benefit your health? In our opinion, [...]

1701, 2022

9 Reasons Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are The Right Choice

January 17, 2022|Health|

If you're the average person with an office-based job, your desk chair will be one of the essential pieces of furniture (after your sit-stand desk). Again on average, you will spend 90,000 hours at work over your lifetime, spending more time sitting than you do sleeping. Yet, you probably [...]