If you’re now working from home

If you’re now working from home, don’t panic buy your new office furniture

Over 50% of our customers work from home. When it comes to active office furniture, sit-stand desks & ergonomic seating are our speciality, but  in this present climate we would urge some caution!

Any buying decisions may be rushed with a short term view, based on a “false” need regarding current events. Our previous customers have had plenty of time to plan their home office environments, they’ve done the research and some will have spent months looking at their options. Serious thought and consideration went into their decision making because they were investing in the long term, not only for their business but also their health and wellbeing.

You may be back at work in two to three months so use what you have, experiment – whether that’s using a dining table, sofa, a bed or bean bag. Give your posture the variety it craves, change position regularly, move around and shake things up!

Notice what works, what feels uncomfortable, what makes you stiff, what positions make your back ache (and borrow your office chair from work if you can).

If home or flexible working is going to become the new normal, that’s the time to give your home office some serious consideration and then we’d love to talk.

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