2023 Red Dot Award Winning Height Control Panel – DPi1C

New streamlined design, same intuitive use with the addition of a built-in anti-collision sensor that takes innovation and your desk protection to a whole new level.

A gentle tilt up or down is all that’s needed for immediate movement. Pair with the Desk Connect™ app to activate automatic drive and much more.

Adjust your desk

Tilt upward to move higher, push down to lower and release to stop. It’s as simple at that!

Anti-collision sensor

A built-in anti-collision sensor that detects, stops and reverses to protect your desk and anything in between.

Desk Connect™ App

Access advanced features via the free app. Pair your desk to unlock

  • Download the free Desk Connect™ App from Google Play™ store or App Store®.
  • Follow the app’s intuitive onboarding flow to pair it with your DPI control panel

Once downloaded you’ll be ready to set up features like favourite sitting and standing positions, automatic drive, and much more. Watch the video for full details.

  • The Desk Connect™ App is free of charge.
  • Supported by iOS and Android smartphones, and Bluetooth® Low Energy tablets.
  • Check the minimum requirements, before downloading.
  • For Android only: GPS location and Bluetooth® are required for the app to scan for nearby desks in pairing mode. Please enable GPS location and Bluetooth® for the pairing to succeed

Favourite positions

Save your favourite sit/stand positions in the Desk Connect™ App and easily switch between the two.

Automatic drive

With your favourite sit/stand positions saved, activate Automatic drive via the App with a simple double-tap up or down.

Activate key lock function

The Key lock function prevents your desk from being accidentally activated by colleagues at work or inquisitive little fingers at home!

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