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H. Peiris
11/20/2023 - Google
My Walnut standing desk is gorgeous and works perfectly. The desk arrived earlier than initially expected and communication was great throughout. The accompanying app which remembers preset positions and reminds you to stand up at set intervals is a great addition. Assembly requires two people and power tools (drill) and a bit of force at various times.
S. Colvey
11/16/2023 - Google
For medical reasons I needed a standing desk. I spent a lot of time considering the many options before dropping into Flomotion's studio, in Norwich, for a demonstration. Bev and Jacob were great, walking me through the pros and cons and the Flomotion range. As a result, I ordered a desk with a custom worktop to fit my space. This took a few weeks to be manufactured, and then Jacob delivered and set it up for me. The quality is superb, and the service has been excellent from start to finish. Overnight, the desk has tranformed the way I work. My need for a standing desk was more or less forced on me, but I'm a true convert: I feel more alert throughout the day, and I'm surprised to find I actually prefer standing to sitting while working. Flomotion's prices are perhaps on the premium side but here at least I can attest that the old adage is true -- you get what you pay for. In short, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Flomotion to anyone needing a standing desk.
R. Jacobs
11/13/2023 - Google
Personal service to ensure that the chair I bought suited my complex needs. Nothing was too much trouble .The chair was personally delivered to my home and set up and adjusted to make sure it was perfect. I would thoroughly recommend this company.
M. Buragas
11/10/2023 - Google
I've been using a Flomotion standing desk, and it's genuinely impressed me with its sturdiness and build quality, handling my tech without a wobble while standing. The controls are no-nonsense and easy, with a nifty app for stand-up reminders which is ideal for someone like me who can forget to move around during a busy day. What stood out for me was the constant updates during the delivery process – it was reassuring to be kept in the loop. And I was pleasantly surprised when they offered to assemble the desk in my home office. It was a real help, especially since I wasn't expecting this level of service. Many thanks Flomotion!
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G. B
10/21/2023 - Google
I did a lot of research before I found flomotion. It was so nice to actually speak to someone and talk through the options thoroughly and pick out exactly the right style for me. Every step of the order and delivery was perfectly organised and the desk was easy to put together and looks beautiful. The quality is amazing. Thanks Bev & the team!!
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T. Oduba
9/18/2023 - Google
Excellent customer service! Whilst it isn’t cheap it is reassuringly expensive, for the great quality!
A. Menzies
9/11/2023 - Google
Decided to treat myself to a custom size powered Sit/Stand corner desk last Christmas. Its perfect, sturdy construction and smooth action with a fantastic solid oak top. Flomotion were a pleasure to work with superb customer service. Given it was a custom build it was a very fast turn around, it only took them a few weeks from initial contact to final delivery and installation. Every communication was friendly and informative, I cannot recommend them enough.
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S. McDiarmid
8/24/2023 - Google
Excellent desk, feels very sturdy and pretty straightforward to assemble. Friendly and helpful communication too!
C. Abboud
8/12/2023 - Google
I absolutely love my oak desk and am amazed at the quality feel and look of it but what has impressed me even more than the wonderful desk is the service that I have received. Bev helped me with all my numerous questions prior to shipping and even sent me photos of the desk to help me decide which desk to choose. When I encountered a minor issue with the desk through no fault of theirs she looked into the matter for me and went above and beyond resolving it quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a standing desk!
S. Patel
7/27/2023 - Google
Great desk, was relatively easy to set up and the desk is very sturdy. Really helpful and attentive customer support team.
D. Newburn
6/17/2023 - Google
The sit/stand desks are of excellent quality and a reasonable price. All packages came extremely well packed and with excellent instructions for installation. A lot of thought had been put into this. Very good communications and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
P. Bennett
5/24/2023 - Google
I ordered a walnut standing desk from Flomotion, the quality of the desk was excellent and the communication from the customer services team was second to none, highly recommended.
M. Stovin
5/01/2023 - Google
Great desk, great comms and service, I am actually going to order another desk, very well built and very sturdy. 10/10 all round
R. Social
2/23/2023 - Google
If you want a sit-stand desk from a company that genuinely offered outstanding customer service, than look no further than Flomotion. The best in the business, no debate.
R. Brown
12/12/2022 - Google
The product is extremely robust and easily assembled. The mechanism is smooth and quiet and controlled by the app or manual; very cool. Lives up to a big expectation.
H. Shomalistos
11/25/2022 - Google
I spent a long time comparing standing desk suppliers in the UK. In particular I was looking for a 2 metre solid walnut desktop and a mechanism with high load capacity in a desk that enriches a home office rather than making it look corporate. Most suppliers offered laminate desks only, smaller desks with limited wood options or lift mechanisms that couldn't handle substantial weight. After comparing reviews online I decided to order from Flomotion and am very happy with the product. My desk is 2 metres long in solid walnut, with a custom wood thickness sourced by Flomotion. The wood itself is beautifully finished and the mechanism is clearly very high quality. Bev and her team were extremely accommodating and helpful, and personally delivered and installed the desk. This is a business that provides a personal touch while also providing premium products. If you are in the UK and want the best standing desk available I highly recommend Flomotion.
M. Rimmington
11/21/2022 - Google
Bought myself a wide under desk pencil draw as part of a new home office. It's an absolute quality product, feels very well built and does what I need it to do perfectly. The delivery was quick too. I also called customer services for some advice (nothing wrong) and found the staff to be very friendly and helpful.
G. Andriano
11/18/2022 - Google
I found Flomotion to be very responsive and helpful with our orders, Dealing with them from overseas, however it was an easy experience. I would recommend them for your office workspace solutions
G. Ridley
10/18/2022 - Google
Easy ordering of DF2 sit/stand desk frame. Delivered quickly from stock. Well packed and easy to assemble.
A. Mouse
10/01/2022 - Google
Outstanding, personal, service, offering sound and detailed guidance throughout the purchase and beyond. Excellent product - delighted with the desk and the Linak legs which raise it - very well made. The walnut is lovely, and the chamfered edge adds a touch of modern designer style. Even at its tallest extreme (eg when viewing something on a laptop) the legs are rock steady.
S. Hildrey
9/18/2022 - Google
High quality products and great service from Bev & Jacob. Thank you!
R. Lenk
7/19/2022 - Google
I've been looking for a riser desk for some time (sitting down for long periods was starting to affect my back) and was put on to Flomotion by a local contact. When I visited the showroom they took time in demonstrating to me the desks on show as well as a range of complementary seats. I subsequently ordered a large (1800mm) desk with a walnut top together with a top of the range Profirm desk chair. A few weeks later the Flomotion team delivered the items and installed the desk in my study where it now takes pride of place. Indeed, it has now encouraged me to tidy up the study and get rid of the bric a brac that's accumulated over the years. My heartfelt thanks to Floyd, Jacob & Bev. Thoroughly recommended if you're looking for a riser desk and/or a comfy desk chair.
M. Moyes
7/08/2022 - Google
Superb service with a smile from Flomotion. This is a highly knowledgeable and experienced team who guided me through the buying process and saved me money through their expertise. These desks are the real deal, not cheap imports that won’t last. Many thanks.
P. Lain-Smith
7/01/2022 - Google
I can honestly say that Floyd, Bev and their team have changed the way I think about working. My sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair have made a massive difference to my comfort whilst working in my office. But it's much more than that. Floyd is SO knowledgeable and passionate about active working and wellbeing, you can't help but want to learn more and do more. Since changing my office furniture I've also changed my attitude. I'm moving more, working out twice a week and taking much better care of myself. I've also got an avocado stone sprouting in a vase full of water, but that's another story... I can't recommend Flomotion Studio highly enough.
J. Pototsky
7/01/2022 - Google
Fantastically sturdy standing desk, lovely wooden top, accurate delivery estimate, well packaged, and good communications. I recommend castors though - this desk is heavy!
G. Joy
6/22/2022 - Google
Wow! what an amazing desks these are, Ive been using mine for a about a month now and my whole day has changed. Im spending most of the day standing and sitting when I feel like it. The desk is really nicely designed and the motorised movement lifting it up and down is so smooth and quiet. Bev not only delivered it but also came into my flat to help me install it. I highly recommend this company from start to finish. Im glad I bought the bigger size now I know how good they are. Also standing mat was a great addition as I don't think i'd stand as much on my hard wood floor without it. Thanks Flomotion.
Z. Neville-Smith
6/01/2022 - Google
Having heard good things, we took a trip to Flomotion's studio, which they kindly agreed to meet us at on a Saturday. The space alone is enough to convince you of the need for a dynamic work environment (and that you need to buy more plants...) - Bev and Floyd talked us through all the sit to stand desk options, and we even trialled all the chairs and stools! They were so helpful and welcoming (made us a cup of tea!) and we were there over an hour chatting and exploring the merchandise. On placing an order, they kept in contact about delivery times and had everything sent to us partially assembled which saved us a lot of time and puzzling. It was packed up really well too! I love my new desk - it is a thing of beauty and brings so much joy to my workspace. Thanks Flomotion!
4/19/2022 - Google
Really pleased with the desk and chair I got from the team. The desk has a complete video editing set up upon it and the desk handles the weight no problem. Having spent the last two years hunched over static desks for days at a time - leading me to see chiropractors every other month (which at 22 is not what I should be doing) - I’m extremely excited about my new ways of working. After only a couple of weeks use I’m already noticing the benefits. Really friendly and efficient team, they dropped and set up the desk in the space of a couple of hours. After getting the desk set optimally for my measurements, we were then able to talk about some of the other practices involved with active working, so many simple tips that I’d never have thought of. Would highly recommend these guys particularly down to the quality of there product. I had tried a few other sit-stand desks but none felt quite as well built as theirs.
Thanks again to the flomotion team!
P. Jost
3/22/2022 - Google
Weeks of on line research resulted in a visit to Bev and Floyd's wonderful studio in Norwich. Their customer service is amazing and it was such a pleasure meeting them. I chose the desk type there and then, but was unsure about the top. A few photos of available oak tops were sent. The desk was delivered and installed a mere week after ordering - another very personal experience. I am now the proud owner of exactly what I want - and need. Flomotion is to be highly, highly recommended !
J. Glover
3/19/2022 - Google
Floyd and Bev are WONDERFUL. I had the best day on Friday.

It was spent in the company of Bev Grice and Floyd Sayers of Flomotion Studio. A.K.A the loveliest power couple in the world.

They were installing a sit/stand desk in my office. Retrospectively fitted to the table made of oak from the farm my wife and I got married on.

I've only been using the sit/stand desk for a couple of days, but it's already made a huge difference to my energy and creativity.

But perhaps even better than that - it was just so blumin' lovely to spend some time in the company of two people who are super passionate about what they do, and with hearts the size of planet earth itself.