Considering a Standing Desk Frame? What To Look For When Going Frame Only

If you think about how much time you spend sitting, particularly if you have an office-based job, you will understand why active working is so important.

A frame-only option could be the perfect choice if you want to keep your existing top whilst reaping all the benefits associated with a standing desk. You get to recycle and reuse your current desktop, which is good for the environment as well as good for your purse!

We’ve put together a few things for you to consider when matching your existing desktop to a standing desk frame, including a few benefits of the frames we offer.

Stroke length

Stroke length is the total distance between the highest and lowest setting. This is an important consideration, particularly for tall users, to ensure the desk provides the maximum ergonomic benefit.

Here is an easy way to work out whether a desk’s stroke is suitable for you.

Sit comfortably in your chair with feet flat on the floor and arms bent as though typing and measure the distance from the floor to the underside of your elbow. This will give an indication of the height of your keyboard when working.

Retake this measurement when standing, making sure that if you are going to be using a floor mat, you include the thickness in your calculation. The perfect frame will adjust as low as your sitting elbow position and as high as your standing. This stroke distance makes sure that when you change the height of your desk, you are at the optimal position for correct posture and reduced physical stress.

With electric height-adjustable desk frames, spending a bit more is usually going to get you a quieter, faster, heavier-lifting, more reliable standing desk frame, a longer warranty period, and a longer stroke.

Both the Skyflo and Airflo frames have a stroke length of 650mm. All our standing desk frames feature leg columns made by Danish firm LINAK. They have over 40 years of experience manufacturing electric actuator columns and are world-renowned for their quality and reliability.

Skyflo compact desk frame
Airflo standing desk frame white
Airflo standing desk frame black
Skyflo corner standing desk frame grey

Lift capacity

With computers and equipment becoming more lightweight, including monitors and monitor arms, none of these items on their own are cause for concern. Still, there are a few factors to consider to be sure the lift capacity is up to the job:

It’s essential to calculate the weight of the desktop to be used. You can then subtract this from the frame’s lift capacity to ensure there’s enough to accommodate all your equipment on top.

Without getting too technical, an unbalanced weight distribution on top of the desk and any unevenness in the desk frame itself will put undue torqueing forces and sideload stresses on the leg columns.

Linear actuators have thin gaskets that run between the tube segments of the legs, and the machining tolerances of these will also have an effect. As a general rule, you’re likely to have fewer issues with a frame that has more power.

There are numerous linear actuator manufacturers worldwide with the best designed for medical and industrial applications where reliability is a prerequisite. LINAK has been supplying linear actuators to the medical industry for over 40 years which is why our Skyflo and Airflo frames offer the heftiest lift capacity, as standard, on the market with unparalleled stability at all desk heights.

Desktop weight and thickness

To avoid warping, ensure that your desktop is at least 25mm thick if opting for anything over 1200mm wide.

If adding monitor arms to your set-up, bear in mind that although most can be fitted with a clamp fixing, not all makes and models offer the same range of adjustment.

Desktop size

If you are going down the route of using an existing desktop, you need to ensure that the frame is either big or small enough to accommodate it. There are fixed-size frames on the market as well as telescopic options.

Both Skyflo and Airflo frames have a telescopic connecting crossbar. Skflo extends to suit desktop sizes from 1400mm to a whopping 2400mm. Skyflo Compact for smaller desktops at 1000mm up to 1600mm.

Airflo extends in 50mm increments from 1180mm to a maximum 1829mm wide.

Unlike many standing desk frames, both are super easy to assemble. No flat pack assembly nightmares meaning you’ll be up and working at your new desk in no time.

Get in touch if you would like any advice on matching your existing desktop to a frame. Or if you’re looking for monitor arm options.

Height control panel

All-electric height adjustable frames adjust by the touch of a button; however, opting for the state-of-the-art, Red Dot Design Award-winning, high-tech control panel brings a host of features. Four memory positions, light reminder function with LED display and optional Bluetooth connectivity to the LINAK Desk Control™ App.

Control via the App means no longer having to continuously hold the control button to move your desk. With auto-drive activated, simply tap the panel up or down twice, and the desk automatically moves to your pre-set positions.
Because the app settings and preferences are your own, if sharing the desk with others, the technology will re-personalise the settings for each person using it, meaning again, no fiddling around with buttons. Push notifications can be sent to your phone, and/or the panel will display blinking coloured lights whenever it’s time to move.

Safety features

Anti-collision safety features should be a given with any frames you may be considering.

Integrated into the lifting columns of the Skyflo frames, PIEZO™ Anti-Collision™ is a hardware-based sensor that reacts to direct obstruction when your desk is adjusted either up or down and safeguards your desk from material damage should it encounter a solid object.

Airflo includes the highly sensitive LINAK Desk Sensor™ 1 that detects tilting as well as both hard and soft obstacles. It comes as a small, compact plug-in unit the size of a small pen drive.

Noise level

Possibly not a deal breaker but well worth considering. The movement of our frames is barely audible above ambient office noise, meaning minimal distraction when in operation.

Lots to consider if you’re going down the frame only route for your DIY standing desk. Various frame colours and optional extras, including heavy-duty metal castors, cable management, extra wide under desk drawers and ergonomic monitors arms. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look for yourself here:

Get in touch if you’d like help calculating the weight of your current desktop or have any questions about the frames we offer; our friendly, knowledgeable team are here to help 01603 951595.

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