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KH Digital

Implementing an active workplace at KH Digital

Floyd session 2

Looking at ways of improving KH Digital’s long term health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Floyd has visited us 3 times over the course of 6 months, to look at ways of improving our long term health and wellbeing in the workplace through “Active working.”

As a team we collaborate well together and are proactive at work but when it comes to our sitting/sedentary work culture and being more active in the workplace, there was definitely lots of room for improvement.

Floyd has extensive knowledge and personal experience on the subject and was incredibly easy to listen to and encouraged us to contribute in discussions, offering us lots of resources.

As we are all desk-bound for much of the working day, Floyd encouraged easy to remember tasks to help us break away from being inactive. Keeping things easy, simple and repetitive.

Micro breaks

• Breathing exercises
• Hit workout – taking time out to increase your heart rate
• Stretching
• Looking at ways to improve our posture & ergonomics
• Hydration – regularly drinking water
• Going out of the office for our lunch breaks
• Cycling or walking to work

Below are testimonials from each staff member:

I have been making sure that I get up and move around every 40 mins or so. I have also managed to achieve upping my steps from only 2000 a day to 5000. Feel more energetic and not so tired due to breaking time from the screen and a brisk walk after dinner is leaving me more energised in the evening. I am now having issues with shoulder and neck pain due to incorrect desk setup, so will be looking to rectify this in the future.

Kris Harris

I have been making sure to take my lunch breaks away from my desk and usually outside. . I’ve also re-joined the gym to give me another opportunity to get more active even when the weather is bad. Doing so has almost doubled by step count from 10,000~ to almost 20,000~ This increase in movement at first aggravated a previous knee injury but this has since settled again.

Lucy Burton

I have been making sure that I am getting up more often, and still going for walks on my lunch break. I am trying to ensure that my posture is correct for sitting, and making sure that I do not slouch when sitting. In my spare time, I have restarted doing yoga which has helped massively with my back health. I do feel much more energised during the day.

Aaron Ulph

I started with a solid plan with three objectives:
-To take my lunch breaks away from my desk
-Be more active outside of work
-Think about my posture when sitting
I have done well continuing to do all three but can always do more and better – story of my life!

Sara Winser

Prior to your first visit, I felt I already had quite a good workplace routine. Regularly taking breaks away from the screen in between tasks and using this time for some movement. Together with this, I completed leg movements whilst sitting at my desk. However, it was really interesting listening to all the points you raised and great to see everyone’s response to implementing change to their routines. I have tried increasing my activity levels outside of the office and have found this helps with my concentration. I still really need to work on getting a healthier balance to my diet rather than grabbing convenience food and drinking coffee whilst in the office, unfortunately at present this is still a work in progress.

Teresa Hopper
Floyd session 1
IMG E8396

Introducing us to other movement therapies

Having listened to our grumbles about the aches and pains we experience day to day, Floyd felt it would benefit us to have a morning introductory pre-pilates session with Aoife, from Rowpilates. Aoife demonstrated easy but effective exercises focussing on improving posture, easing our aches and pains and working towards giving us a better core strength. Not only was it an enjoyable way to spend a morning but we all felt refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Other ways we can improve

On Floyd’s last visit we all had to admit we may have peaked too early and a few of us had gone back to our old ways. We were thankful of Floyd’s return visit, he encouraged us to take baby steps again to continue the great work we started. Since then we have designed our own Active workplace posters to remind and encourage each other to be more active. We have also nominated a team member to incorporate fun active workplace initiatives and prevent us from falling back to our old ways.

Benefits we have seen

Since working with Floyd to develop our workplace activity, individually we have achieved a few of our own goals already but we also have seen boosts to our team morale and even greater productivity. Floyd has been a fantastic investment in supporting and enhancing our health and wellbeing by reducing sedentary time and increasing our physical activity levels. We have grown stronger as a team and will continue to put our health and wellbeing to the forefront.

KH Digital


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