Biophilic Office Design

Active working meets Biophilic design

Over the last couple of years, a quiet revolution has begun to change the way people think about and view their workspaces, both at home and at work.

Sit-stand active working with Biophilic design you’ll achieve a working environment that is truly aspirational. Providing the best possible results for your long-term health and mental wellbeing on a deep psychological level. It’s a magical very powerful combination, you’ll just feel better!

We think this approach is knew, it addresses the mind and body, the person and the space, and is backed up by the latest research that we’ve undertaken over the past 6 years. It’s so important in creating a space that you love spending time in. You should be able to flourish in your workspaces, it needs to nurture you so you can do the best work possible when you’re there. It’s totally possible to create spaces that will energize or equally provide calm and restoration.

Biophilic Design

Creating an Active working culture

Is concerned with neutral posture, ergonomics, more movement – less sedentary sitting, increased activity, exercise, stretching, hydration, deeper breathing, mindfulness and awareness. The results – greater energy, improved productivity, better focus, a happier outlook and a feeling of positivity and optimism.

Biophilic interior design principles

You might be unaware of how our environment affects us on a deeply psychological level. When these design principles are applied it becomes a totally sensory, engaging experience, nurturing a love of our workspaces. This approach to interior design, encourages a deeper human connection with nature and the outdoors. Research shows that Biophilic design can reduce workplace stress, absenteeism and presenteeism, improve engagement and cognitive ability, increase our creativity and even improve our immunity.

By surrounding ourselves with nature we bring certain elements indoors.

Biophilic design elements

Plants – improve air quality, art and colours inspired by nature, like greens and blues make us more creative. Soundscapes like the sound of birdsong or running water in the background makes us feel relaxed and calm. Natural organic shapes, textures and materials like wood enrich us, quiet areas for deep thinking, provide security and refuge making us feel safe and secure. More natural light and sunlight – boosts our serotonin the “happy hormone” better acoustics – lead to less noise and stress.

Our philosophy – The centre of your workspace is your desk. We begin here and slowly move outwards, making changes to every detail contained within the four walls of your environment. We create active, agile spaces that can be tailored to the task in hand. Biophilic design connects with all of our senses, fundamentally improving our relationship with our surroundings and with ourselves.

Biophilic Design

Small changes make a big difference

Even if you have a limited budget, little changes to start with can make a big difference, you can start small and build up to achieve the final end result.

Whether you need our advice, want to visit us to use our resource area or want to discuss a project? Please get in touch to find out more about our newly launched interior design service, combining Active working with Biophilic design.

Biophilic office design inspiration

See some inspiration below on biophilic office design.

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