We think you’ll agree when we say there are lots of reasons to buy a height adjustable standing desk, and there are so many designs and options available, that finding the best fit for your needs can be a real challenge.

Whether you’re looking for desks as a business or for a home office, we’ve summarised the most important things to consider before buying, so that you can make an informed decision armed with the best standing desk check list! 

Best standing desks, what to consider

What is a sit-stand desk?

A height adjustable standing desk is a complete desk that adjusts both up and down, to allow you to change your working height to a level that suits you best.  Easily alternate between sitting and standing so that you can enjoy a fully flexible, ergonomic workplace and all the benefits that active working brings to the office environment.

There are various types of adjustable desk, crank-operated, pneumatic and electric as well as the alternative desk risers and converters that sit on top of a standard static desk. We’ve focused on electric desks here as they are the most popular option.  Precision linear motors change the desk height at the press of a button. Speed, convenience and performance are just some of the advantages over most manually-operated crank desks, but they do cost more.

Best standing desks, what to consider

Desk stability – that’s not all

A desk’s stability is affected by the quality of its construction, the weight of the frame (the heavier the base the more weight there is to anchor it in place), its maximum height and to some extent the width that it’s set at.

Desk frames with leg columns that have three moving sections (3 stage) are generally more stable than frames with two sections because of the increased overlap between the lifting sections.

Flooring also affects stability. Carpet is a less stable surface than wood, tile or concrete. It’s important to make sure the feet have levelling studs that can be adjusted so that the desk is as level as possible.

Our desk frames are of top quality steel construction, Danish made with tall maximum heights and three sectional leg columns.

Best standing desks, what to consider

Weight capacity – Power lift!

This is the maximum weight a desk can safely move, including the weight of the desktop itself. The strength of the desks motors is indicated by its lift capacity and a high rating means that the actuators can confidently withstand larger loads without the risk of overheating or damage. In terms of reliability and durability – the higher the lift capacity the better. Exceeding a manufacturer’s recommended capacity can shorten a desks life cycle.

Skyflo has a lift capacity of 160kg, a heavyweight within it’s field.

Height adjustment range

The adjustment range is measured from the lowest to the highest point that the desk can adjust. The distance between is called the “stroke” and is usually in the range of 500-650mm for a true sit-to-stand desk.  The amount of adjustment is important as it can affect the ergonomic set-up of your desk. Taller users and anyone planning on using a treadmill with their desk will want to look for one at the top end of the height range.

Skyflo has 650mm of adjustment, plus an additional 60mm when fitted with castors.

Noise level – does this matter?

All electric, adjustable height desk motors make a noise during operation; some desks hardly register above ambient office noise, usually 41 to 44 decibels (dB), while others sound much louder and can be a real distraction!

There can also be a big difference between noise when lifting versus descending and fully loaded versus light load. Price is not necessarily an indicator for determining sound signatures so make sure you check before buying.

Skyflo is one of the quietest desks on the market, barely audible above normal office noise.

Height controller and speed

Electric desks come with either a standard up/down controller or a more advanced programmable version. Digital controllers usually come with pre-set options allowing users to programme specific height settings.

The speed with which a desk moves up and down is measured in millimetres per second with time increasing with the load weight. Check for safety features such as anti-collision, overload, overheat and unbalance protection.

All our desks come with the Red Dot Award winning intuitive control panel, four memory settings, double tap and auto drive, in app function as standard. 

Best standing desks, what to consider
Best standing desks, what to consider
Best standing desks, what to consider

Assembly – simple is best

Most sit standing desks are delivered for self assembly and vary considerably in terms of ease of set-up.  Unless you’re paying for an installation service, the assembly can be at the very least, time consuming!

Skyflo is neatly boxed with a very simple and straightforward set-up.

Frame width

Many adjustable height desks have frames that are width-adjustable too.  Meaning a range of different size desktops can be accommodated using the same frame with the ability to adjust the width in order to maximise the stability of the desk.

Skyflo standard frame offers a width adjustment from 1340mm to 1940mm to accommodate desktops from 1400-2000mm wide. Compact Skyflo 940-1240mm wide desktops from 1000-1400mm.

Anti-collision & safety

An adjustable height desk could collide with objects in it’s path, both above and below the desk, while moving. An anti-collision feature will stop the desk from moving if it senses something in its way, minimising damage to the desk as well as the obstruction.

Skyflo’s PIEZO anti-collision feature includes 40mm drive back in each direction. Overload, overheat & timeout/unbalance protection.

Warranty – just in case

There are two things to consider when it comes to warranty – cover of the desks structure and more importantly the electronics. Cover should include the control box, switch and motors. The length of a warranty tends to be in line with product price and quality.

Our frames come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty covering both the frame and electronics.

Best standing desks, what to consider

Summary – here’s the deal!

Height adjustable standing desks come in many different shapes and sizes with varying features and prices tags.

The importance of specific features may well vary depending on your budget and circumstance.  Whether buying for a large organisation with multiple spaces or for the home office where aesthetics are likely to score highly, you will be armed with the knowledge of what to look for when choosing the right adjustable height desk for you and your team.

Skyfo is a top quality Danish product:-

  • with lots of adjustment in both height and width
  • Super sturdy even at standing height
  • A hefty, industry leading lift capacity of 160kg
  • Low noise level
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Anti-collision and safety features
  • Full 10-year warranty covering all parts